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Connecting you to the customer experience.

Confirm With Us will collect the data you need to keep your business connected with your customers. We help identify, monitor, and reveiw your business standards.


We identify your business goals and performance standards that you set.


We evaluate all aspects of your business and locations using specific reporting measurements.


We use state of the art reporting tools to give clear and consistent results.


Customer satisfaction measurement helps you set the standards for your company’s service expectations.

A few things we can do for you

From industry to industry – the customer experience is what sets you apart. We focus on your unique needs to improve your brand. On the phone, web or in person, we apply our experience to each program we manage.  Our goal is to deliver the results you need to formulate success by offering various services.

Mystery Shopping Programs

Mystery Shopping is an effective and unique market research tool using professional evaluators (shoppers) to perform customer scenarios and report on every aspect of their experience.

Competitor Research

Check out how you compare to the competition. We can create programs that show you the data side by side of what other companies offer. Get the information you need to keep the edge.

Internet and Phone Inquiries

We provide internet inquiries to verify your online presence, as well as call monitoring services with audio recordings for training purposes.

Compliance Audits and Merchandise Checks

We confirm to see if your associates check for ID, and other compliance items. We send out our evaluators to make sure your product is promoted and displayed the way it should be.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Suverys provide valuable insight into what your customers think and feel about their experiences with your company. These programs can be designed as stand-alone feedback solutions, or in conjunction with other customer experience measurements like mystery shopping.

Extensive Reporting Features

Our reporting features offer each client the tools to understanding the life of your business. We customize the dashboard & brand to each client, 24/7 real-time results using beautiful graphs to track & compare trends.