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New to mystery shopping? Learn what you need to do to get started and get a better understanding of what this world is about. 

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How does mystery shopping work?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a customer service evaluator with Confirm With Us! The following information explains the quick and easy steps on how to register with us, and how you will learn about mystery shop assignments in your area. By clicking on this registration link, you will also be guided through the complete steps of registration.



Many of our clients are looking for feedback from very specific groups of people. We gather detailed information on our mystery shoppers so that we can help them tailor their customer experience to the demographics that are most important to their business.



Download Gigspot or Presto and you can get instant access to information about mystery shopping opportunities in your area. All apps are free and available for iPhone and Android.



Keep an eye on your email, and notifications from our App. Respond quickly and you’ll be considered for that assignment. Shoppers who have a good history of accurate, well-written evaluations get chosen first. If you’re selected, you’ll receive an email confirmation.



Our clients are specific about what they want evaluated. Once you’re assigned a shop, you’ll be given information on their requirements and our performance standards. It’s critical to understand exactly what kind of tasks and feedback are required for any given shop.



You might be shopping in a store, calling a call center, or visiting a website. Here’s where you conduct the evaluation, create your report, and submit it. We’ll score your evaluation — the higher your rating, the more offers you’ll receive in the future.



On the 25th of each month, we pay our shoppers (via PayPal™) for all assignments completed in the previous month. If part of your mystery shopping evaluation involved purchasing actual merchandise we will include a reimbursement to cover the cost of those goods.

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